Taxi Booking:  

Dear client, we provide only airport transfers.

FAQ: Taxi booking form

Please provide the correct and “complete” address. Do not forget to provide the house number!

In case if it is difficult to get to your place due to road works, please leave a note in “Remarks”.

In die field of extra stop you need to provide the street, house number and place. After click on “Find address” and click on shown address to confirm.
You can add different extra stops.

Notice in some cities like (Leuven, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Bruges) we have fixed prices and an additional cost for an extra stop does not work.
We request 5 – 10 Euros for an extra stop.
In this case the price will be updated and we will send you a new price by email. You need to click on Accept or Reject.

Please provide only “check-in luggage” and not your hang luggage.

In case if you have only hand luggage, please do not make any changes in the field of Luggage. In this case we know that you will come out quickly.

Please provide us the correct date and time.

In case if we have to pick you up at the airport, please provide your arrival time.

We need your flight number only when we have to pick you up at the Airport so that we could see your flight status.

Please contact us in case if you have flight delay or you missed the flight.

Please provide the age of the child in the field of Remarks in step 3.

In this step you need to choose the vehicle you wish.
Vehicles which have no price, you need to click on “Request Quote”. Later we will send you the quote by email. You need to click on Accept or Reject.
Please provide your full name in our taxi booking system. We need your name to pick up the right person.

In case if you are coming with the group, please provide us the group name or send us a logo you wish to be shown as a sign.

We kindly ask you to provide us the correct phone number with the country code. Please make sure your phone is on, so that we can contact you in case of emergency.

In case if you provide a wrong email address, you will not receive the confirmation of your booking.
You receive two emails:
First one: that we have received your request. Each email being checked by our colleagues if anything is missing in your booking. In this case we will contact you by phone or by email.

Second one: Your Travel Itinerary has been updated which means your booking is confirmed.

In case if you wish to change anything in your booking, please contact us by email by replying your booking confirmation.

In this field you can provide us with more information:

1. There are some road works at the pick up address. Please explain how to get.
1. Kids – in this case we need to know the age of the kid(s) so that we could provide you a child seat(s).
2. The client speaks only English or does not speak any local languages.
3. The client needs an assistance.
5. etc….

We use Stripe, the most secure online payment method. With Stripe you can use the most credit cards.
For the payment with the credit, 5% will be requested for the transaction.

Payment online > Creat New Account > Fill in your credit card details > Receive the confirmation

CASH: Payment by arrival to your destination to the driver in cash. In case if you wish to have a receipt, you can request from the driver or by sending us an email.

CREDIT CARD: In case if you wish to pay with the credit card to the driver, please leave a note in “Remarks” providing your credit card type. We accept all major credit cards, except American Express.

For the payment with the credit, 5% will be requested for the transaction.

The payment has to be done in advance.

Kindly to contact us with your official company email with the requests.

Next information will be needed:

Your company details

From / To:
Flight number: (in case if the client arrives to the airport, provide arrival time and flight number.
Name: (of the client)
Phone: (mobile number)

Taxi booking

Taxi booking